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The Power Of ₦3,300

THE POWER OF ₦3,300:
(1) A pair of shoes
(2) A lady’s handbag
(3) Air time
(4) Quarter paint of rice
(5) 1 kilogram of beef
(6) 258.62 units of electricity (PHCN)
(7) 13.1 liters of fuel

This is the opportunity the world has been waiting for! A business plan that is truly global, designed by Uplinks for people seeking a better future.

All of the above and many more can be bought for ₦3,300.00 you know what? They are all perishable and consumables. i.e. (in other words) they don’t last!!!!
But when you invest the same ₦3,300 in Uplinks

These are what you will get:

(1) You earn $13 (₦2,145) or $29 (₦4,785) for stage 1 …..Total of $500 (₦82,500) for stage 2 …..Total of $1,000 (₦165,000) for stage 3 …..Total of $2,000 (₦330,000) for stage 4 …..Total of $3,000 (₦495,000) for stage 5 you can calculate how much system bonuses you stand to earn when you register more than one account with Uplinks.

(2) You are given INCENTIVES by corporate sponsors when you complete each stage *Stage 2- A brand new Android Tablet *Stage 3- Brand new car *Stage 4- Brand new SUV

(3) You enjoy Uplinks services at each stage: – *Stage 2: Free skill & trade acquisition *Stage 3: Asset and property support services.
– Empowerment fund of $500 (₦82,500) each for two less privilege persons you recommend *Stage 4: Financial Empowerment Service.
– Access to free interest and non-collateral LOAN of $22,000 (₦3.6mllion) on request. *Stage 5: Free Educational Scholarship for your children.

Stop doubting while others are busy making money.
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What more are you waiting for, register with UPLINKS toady, and join members who are benefiting already.

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