At the completion of stage 5, you will earn total sum of $3,000.

This stage has 2 levels………….

At the completion of stage 5, you will earn total sum of $3,000 system bonus through level 1 to level 2.
In addition, you also get a HOUSING fund of $20,000,
you qualify for a yearly INFINITY BONUS of $2,000 paid to every completed stage 5 member every year,
you also get an All-expenses paid International trip every year
An EDUCATIONAL FUND of $1,000 to support your child’s education.
An ELITE CLUB LOAN of $22,000 on request.

Step 1: Choose a plan

With a registration fee of $20 you will enjoy mouth-watering benefits that are better experienced than imagined. Please note: This program allows multiple accounts. You can register as many accounts as you want in your name. Why Register Multiples Accounts? Click here to learn more

Step 2: Make Payment

After Choosing the desired plan, Make Payment Through your E-wallet Please Note: Only registered members can use E-wallet.

Step 3: Fill The Registration Form

It is necessary to fill the Registration Form on the registration page to complete your registration, please make sure that every information provided is correct and valid.

Step 4: What Else?

After successful completion of your registration form you would receive a congratulatory message from us indicating that you have successfully joined the progressive and industrious uplinks family.